Why is email marketing so important for your business?

Email is the only form of marketing where you can speak directly to people who have made the conscious decision to sign up because they are interested in hearing what you have to say!

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Emilie Harvey Email Marketing


Hi! I’m Emilie Harvey and I am an email designer, developer and marketeer. I help digital entrepreneurs create beautiful emails which optimise conversions.

I’ve worked for email marketing agencies, in email marketing departments for clients in house, as a freelancer and contractor for many years, creating thousands of email campaigns. I’ve worked with top brands; such as, Samsung, Odeon, Secretsales, LonRes, Travel Republic, Corinthia Hotels, Eurostar and Worldfirst.

I love combining different aspects to create something great. I use code, flex my design skills, and utilise my knowledge of email strategy to optimise my clients email marketing campaigns.

I help digital entrepreneurs, creators, coaches, freelancers and personal brands create beautiful emails and savvy email strategy. I believe that email is THE most important thing for your online business. My goal is to help you make your emails your number 1 profit driver. You can make email effective, easy & fun!