Trigger emails to include in your email campaign strategy

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Are you ready to up your email strategy? You will never get you campaign strategy to the high level unless you include trigger programs in the mix.

The bad news? They take more time to set up.

The good news? Once they are set up, they run automatically in the background to make you money while you’re sleeping! 😴

Watch the video or read the transcript below to hear some suggestions for trigger campaigns you can get started with right now.

What is a trigger campaign?

If you’re new to email campaign strategy you might be wondering what exactly trigger campaigns are.

Trigger campaigns are emails that go out automatically.

Instead of you having to press that button for them to go, they are triggered automatically by some sort of action or timescale in the background.

This could be somebody making a purchase, or it could be somebody hitting a specific milestone. There are lots of different triggers that you can have for your campaigns.

Trigger campaigns are incredibly important for your email strategy for two very important reasons.

The first is that they go automatically. Once you set them up, they go automatically in the background. So, that means a lot less work for you and that you’re not having to launch the campaigns over and over again.

The second reason is that they tend to be better for your subscribers in that they’re more personalized, and they tend to have better conversions.

Better conversions is always a good thing for you.

If you don’t have any trigger programs in your campaign strategy at the moment, it’s time that you start thinking about adding them.

1. Welcome

The first type of trigger email that I’m going to talk about is your Welcome email.

Your Welcome email is the very first point of contact that you’ll have with your subscriber.

This is the email that they will receive when they go to your website and they sign up for your email list.

It is very important that this email goes straight away, because people will be expecting that when they sign up for your list they receive some sort of confirmation welcome email straight away.

This is their very first introduction to your brand, so it’s really, really important that you send them this email and then it has all of the information that they need to know about your brand and what to expect from being on your email list.

2. Abandon Basket

The next type of trigger email that I’m going to talk about is an abandon basket email.

These are huge revenue drivers.

If you have an online shop or you sell any products or services on your website, an abandoned basket email is super, super effective.

How it works is somebody browsing on your website. They should be somebody that is on your email list. And their browsing on your website, and they add some of the items from your shop into their basket.

What you can do is if they don’t end up purchasing, you then send them an email reminding them of the products that they had in their basket and encouraging them to make a purchase.

You can even include a discount code here if you like to give them that extra little push to make a purchase, because these are products that the user has already been looking at.

They’re extremely effective in getting people to actually complete that purchase, which is why they’re such huge revenue drivers.

If you have a webshop or sell anything online, it’s definitely important to get that set up asap.

3. Upsell

Another really great way to increase your revenue through your email marketing is by creating an upsell trigger program.

What an upsell email does is it tries to sell more products or services to someone who has already purchased a product or service on your website.

They’ve already bought one thing from you. Why not try to get them to buy one more thing?

Now these are really effective because they’re very personalized in that they’re based on a product or service that you’re subscriber has already purchased on the website.

The best way to set these up is to have some logic behind what you send to people in terms of what they are most likely to buy.

For example, if you have a product that generally leads to people purchasing a second product, why not set up an upsell email that sends that second product to your subscriber after they’ve purchased the first one?

The more you can be more likely to predict what people are going to buy, the better and smarter you can work your upsell emails.

4. Happy Birthday

One trigger email campaign that is really easy to set up is a happy birthday email.

This type of trigger email is based on a specific touch point in time rather than an action that your subscriber takes.

It’s just purely based on the fact that their birthday is that day, and you can send this type of email out as long as you have your subscribers birthdays in your data list.

This is a really effective way to show your subscribers that you’re going the extra mile, and you’re thinking about them on their special day.

And one thing that works really well is to have a coupon code specifically for them to use on their birthday – you might be able to encourage them to make a purchase that way.

5. Anniversary

Another great type of trigger email is an anniversary email.

The great thing about anniversary emails is you are always going to have this information ready and available to you in your database, because it is based on information that you are going to collect.

This will be based on an anniversary of something that your subscriber has done.

For example, it could be anniversary of when they signed up for your list, or it could be the anniversary of when they made a purchase, or signed up for a webinar, whatever it might be.

You can send them an email reminding them that they signed up for your list a year ago, and give them some tips about what they can do next, or give them a coupon, or just remind them that you are still here and part of the list.

They’re automatically very personalized because they’re based on the date that they took this action.

6. Thank you

The last type of trigger email that I’m going to speak to you about today is a thank you email.

You can send a thank you email for any action that your subscriber might take on your website, so this could be signing up for a Webinar or making a purchase, signing up for one of your services.

It’s just to show a little bit of appreciation for them being a part of your business.

You can even give them some next steps that they need to take after they’ve taken the action.

It’s just a really nice personal way to show that you care.

I hope that was helpful to give you some ideas to start thinking about some trigger campaigns that you can add to your email strategy.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the different types of campaigns that you can do.

There are loads and loads and loads, and it all depends on your business and how you have your website setup and what different products and services you sell.

Keep having a brainstorm about some trigger programs that you can include in order to get more out of your email strategy.

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